Livable Wages

This has been a hot topic for awhile now. I started out against the $15/Hour Minimum Wage crowd because I don’t think that should be the minimum to start. I do think $10/hr is reasonable for a full time worker at a lower end job such as Fast Food. I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask for a more livable wage at more labor intensive jobs that are considered low end.

I have worked in manufacturing jobs in different companies which I won’t name to remain anonymous. Some had attitudes that you were expendable and didn’t deserve better than minimum. Others appreciated your hard work and compensated you pretty decent. The fact of the matter is the mid level and high level jobs are actually more expendable because you have higher amounts of people wanting to move up into those management positions from down below.

These companies need to get their attitude straight. Lower end workers deserve the same respect as mid and upper level jobs. They may not have the degrees and training for some specialized positions but that doesn’t mean they deserve such a low wage they need a 2nd job just to get by. I have worked with many people that were incredibly hard workers and dedicated but had to have a 2nd job just to make rent. After awhile they just get more and more burned out. It used to be that manufacturing jobs were more middle class but a lot of companies have taken claims that the economy forces them to pay lower but profits are soaring, but the wage gap is incredibly appalling.

I am not against people getting rich. Everyone wants to be financially secure. It used to be the worker bees could work hard and afford like a Camaro, their boss had like a Corvette and the average owner had like a Mercedes or Higher end car. Large Corporate Bosses had like a Rolls Royce.

Now the worker bee can barely afford a new Corolla. Their Boss has a BMW and the Owner has every toy imaginable. The owner then complains to his workers that he can’t provide better wages because of the economy or low profits as you send more and more out the dock doors everyday.

If you complain or the workers start complaining and pointing fingers at the poor management you end up with meetings about having respect and treating others as you want to be treated. So in their own words they want to be treated as expendable and worthless.

The hypocrisy must end. We aren’t asking for $1 Million a year. But $40,000/Year is not unreasonable. If you are working your ass off, sweating to death and the Big Boss is raking in the cash with no end in sight. It is time to strike. Its time these people feel the pain.



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